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Authored by Amy Cash Allison (Junebugz73)

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Brat Pack African Violet FAQ Home
FAQ 1: Basic African Violet Culture Questions
FAQ 2: Lights and Stands for African Violets
FAQ 3: African Violet Pests, Diseases and Cultural Problems

FAQ 3: African Violet Pests, Diseases and Cultural Problems:

Q.  My violet developed flower buds, but then they shriveled up and died.?
Q.  Why are the flower buds not opening fully?
Q.  My plant is limp, but it's been watered. Why?
Q.  I just bought an African violet, but it wilted when I got it home. Now it looks like it will die. What should I do?
Q.  There is a fine, white dusting on the leaves and flowers. What is it, and how do I get rid of it?
Q.  What are those little bugs crawling around on the flowers?
Q.  Why is there spilled pollen all over my violet flowers?
Q.  What are the symptoms of too much light? ?
Q.  Why does my plant have bleached looking leaves?
Q.  Why doesn't my plant grow flat?
Q.  Why is my plant reaching upward or leaning over?
Q.  Why do the leaves curl downward?
Q.  Why do my plants have such tight, bunchy crowns?

Q.  What are those white fluffy spots in the leaf axes?
Q.  My growing area is full of flying gnats. What can I do?
Q.  Suddenly the crown leaves began to turn to mush. Why did this happen, and can I save my plant?
Q.  The crown leaves on my plant look deformed and grayish. What is this?
Q.  I noticed white worms in my saucers. What are they, and how do I get rid of them?
Q.  I have tiny whitish jumping bugs in my saucers. What are they?
Q.  Some of the leaves on a plant in my collection have black markings on it, although it isn't rot. What is this?
Q.  A couple leaves on one of my plants rotted through the middle of the stem and fell off. What caused this?
Q.  Some of the leaves on my plants eventually turn yellow and fall off or rot. Why?
Q.  Some of the leaves on my plants have yellow edges. What is this from?
Q.  My plant looks like a palm tree. It's long and leaning. How do I fix it?
Q.  Some of my leaves have whitish ring splotches on them. What is it?
Q.  I wick water and have a lot of green algae. How can I get rid of it?

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